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Craig Johnson

'Alan Hull Songbook' on BBC Radio Newcastle

There was a very entertaining and interesting hour-long discussion on BBC Radio Newcastle the other day with Dave Hull-Denholm and Ian Thomson. They discussed the tapes they'd discovered of Alan Hull's early songs, and the show played some of Lindisfarne and Hull's songs. Rather interestingly, they played the 'Untapped and Acoustic' version (I think?) of Passing Ghosts, rather than the Fog on the Tyne version.

Thanks for sharing Craig, I will give it a listen if I can tear myself away from "My introvert friend" Another strong album, and your own songs hold up really well in some august company, not least of which... a certain Mr Hull Smile I would like to hear your own songs done in a band setting, sort of Decemberists style, well I couldn't say a la Lindisfarne on this site, Bob might ban me Smile

Great stuff Craig


Alan Hull Song Book on Newcastle Radio

This is certainly worth a listen. A great show with good insights from Dave and Ian. Fascinating news about the archive of Hully tapes from the late 60s! An interesting choice of songs by the boys too. the presenter certainly was not sure of the difference between the current Lindisfarne and the Alan Hull Song Book, but I think he got the message off air during one of the songs Smile Thanks again for posting Craig, an hour well spent Smile

I saw the Alan Hull Songbook last week at the New Forest Folk Festival, and they put on a well-received hour long set. They opened with Passing Ghosts and yes, I thought it was different. An extra verse?

As an aside, Craig, I've just ordered your new CD and look forward to hearing it. From what you've said, I'm going to enjoy. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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