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A new website for the band is now up and running. Amongst other things you can view the full live gig guide, or sign up for newsletters.

New Lindisfarne web site

Thanks for that Bob, bookmarked already Smile

There's a fair few gigs upcoming, which is nice. The nearest one to me is Devizes, which isn't exactly on the doorstep, but I can't go anyway, as I'm already doing something else on that day. Hopefully there will be some more opportunities in the near future (before they finally call it quits!)

I'm guessing that it takes the place of the Ray Jackson's Lindisfarne website, and that the Official website will continue?

I'm not sure when I'll be able to reach the new band, but hopefully more gigs will spring up. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to Rod performing solo at my local folk club this week, sandwiched between his new commitments with Lindisfarne at Masham and Cromer.

Thanks for the info...........

Stuart - The Ray Jackson's Lindisfarne site is no longer live, so yes, this new site is the band's new and up to date web site....specific to the current line up.

The existing official site covers the band from day one.... and a damn good site it is too.  I can't see any reason for it not to carry on as it does a very different job to the newest website.

I've certainly not heard anything to suggest that the existing official site will not remain - I, for one, would be extremely saddened if it didn't. As I say, it does a very different job. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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