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This is the title of a new re-release of the 1990 Nottingham Central studios concert on CD + DVD.

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Thanks for the post Derek
Lets hope the re-mastering is a whole lot better than the typesetting  Surprised

"Rod Stewart’smega-hit" .... Hehehe
Jim Henderson

Interesting to see this one reissued again and good to see 'Fog On The Tyne' restored to the tracklisting.  I hadn't watched it for a long time, but I had a look at the previous DVD version last night.

A bit of a period piece fashion-wise, highlights being:

Ray Laidlaw's cycling shorts and Deirdre Barlow glasses
Jacka's bushy 'tache and white trainers
Hully's sporty looking polo shirt
Steve Cunningham's baseball cap (introduced by Jacka as "the big lad on the bass!")

Repertoire-wise, strong versions of the then-recent tracks 'Everything Changes' and 'Anyway The Wind Blows' and also good to hear 'A Walk In The Sea' and 'Winning The Game'.  A bit of a dated sound in places, but overall it's worth a watch / listen, if hardly essential.
Craig Johnson

You can see 'Knackers Yard Blues' from that very recording here Smile
Jim Henderson

Has anyone picked this up yet?  There's one review on Amazon so far - more interesting is the response to the review from "Joey" (clearly someone who has an excellent knowledge and appreciation of the band in all their incarnations)

Amazon link:

The review (3*):
This is an interesting addition to the Lindisfarne collection. If, like me, you re-discovered the criminaly underated 'Amigos' album some years after it's release, then this should be a natural choice. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work. The recording took place in a TV studio, although for the most part it does look for all the world like a small club gig, this takes away all the spontaneity and fun that came with an inevitably beer fueled audience that made Lindisfarne shows such a treat to be part of. I wouldn't have wanted to part of this one!
The song choice is pretty sound, a few new songs mixed with a couple of interesting covers, did remind me of seeing this tour at the time. But, once again, Lindisfarne live was all about the event and that's where this release slips up.
I was looking forward to hearing the Amigos tracks performed live, but, the band look uncomfortable and not too sure how to approach the event. I'm still not convinced by the 'new' members either, musically, great, but did the band really need the extra bass player? Cabaret circuit anyone?
For Lindersfarne completists, yes, get it. Not sure how many times I'll be watching or listening to this though.

"Joey" comments in response to the review:
The reason they brought in Steve Cunningham on bass was to free up Rod Clements to play slide guitar and more lead guitar (hardly for Cabaret !)

That proved an important move as after Ray Jackson left in 1990, lead guitarist Simon Cowe departed to live in Canada (to 'drink Canada dry' per the band !) - then tragically Alan Hull suddenly died in 1995

- thus they LOST their entire 'front line' of all three singers plus the key songwriter !

Rod Clements & drummer Ray Laidlaw rebuilt the band well by adding charismatic ex-Jack The Lad frontman guitarist/vocalist Billy Mitchell, while Cunningham had by then been succeeded by Ian Thomson on Bass/vocals, and Dave Hull-Denholm (Alan Hull's son-in-law & rather 'soundalike') on guitar/vocals joined Clements, Laidlaw, & Marty Craggs (Craggs later dropping out) for the final era of Lindisfarne, which saw them go back style wise to their roots more of; acoustic/blues/folk plus a bit of electric rock to conclude their story with a couple of perfectly decent studio albums (mostly penned by Rod Clements - who had written 'Meet Me On The Corner' !) plus songs written by Mitchell, Hull-Denholm etc, with two decent 'Live' albums (& a 'farewell concert' DVD) in addition.

Given the complete loss of the band's entire famous front line (the tragic 'out of the blue' sudden loss of Alan Hull especially) Lindisfarne did pretty well to re-establish a final line up and add one decent 'post-Hull' era to the band's story

The Hull-Led original band were of course THE Lindisfarne line up (while Lindisfarne 'Mark 2' were a very underrated outfit too back in the mid seventies), and they did well to 'pull back' from being pushed into cutting Xmas party albums (as Slade were too) and give us the studio sets such as; 'Sleepless Nights', 'Dance Your Life Away' & latterly the excellent; 'Amigos'

Despite undeserved often complete critical indifference for MUCH of their career ('Don't let nobody tell you no different, no newspaper phony or friend...') - a case of them having the 'wrong' accents maybe ? - Lindisfarne in EACH incarnation recorded many terrific studio albums, and gave some magnificent concerts over several decades and the 'roll call' of EVERY Lindisfarne band member Billy Mitchell reeled off at the end of that final concert on the DVD was well deserved

'Heroes' indeed....!

I got it and its brilliant my cd was nbiggered, so rather than repurchase the live 90 agaion this fitted in perfect Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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