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Alan Hull

The anniversary of Hully's death is upon us once more.  Hard to believe it's 18 years since it happened. Raise a glass to the man sometime today.

Think he would have been proud this year, The plaque and Jakkas Band

God rest you Alan

Shine on

Glass raised.  

Often wonder what music we would be getting from Alan today.  Such a shame.

Probably still angry, let down by new labour , staggered by Cameron Clegg and Co.. You wouldnt bet against him writing a song called "Were all in this together", Oh and can you imagine him on twitter!!! but its his love songs about the ordinary and turning them into the exceptional that I miss

18 Years

18 years have flown by Mick.
The Hull Story in 2006 was a great tribute to Hully.
I'm inclined to agree with Pik, and Twitter would have been a great soapbox for Alan. But I bet he would have been frustrated at the limited number of words allowed in each tweet. I don't post on there much, Facebook is my home these days. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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