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Craig Johnson

Album plug

Hello everyone. Sorry for the plug, but it is LF-related (in part). As some of you will know/remember, I recorded an album in 2011 called 'Shivering Man'. Some of you very kindly bought it.

Well I've finally got around to putting it on iTunes and Spotify.

Check it out on iTunes here:
Check it out on Spotify for free here:

The album also features fellow forum member Simma, and has the Alan Hull tracks 'This Heart of Mine' and 'Tynemouth Song' on it.


Hi Craig

Just bought your album on ITunes. REALLY impressed! this will get lots of play time here; although I shall have to translate for the neighbours Smile
Clearly there are some well known covers, but are there any self penned tracks?

It's a really good album which I play in my car frequently.
Craig Johnson

Thanks - very kind of you both.

'Broken Street Light' and 'A Million Can't Be Wrong' are both self-penned. I'll be honest: I don't enjoy listening to either of them now, but at the time of writing (I was a teenager), they achieved a purpose.

I'm hoping to record something during the winter months, which will contain a few more self-penned things, plus one or two covers thrown in. I'll be sure to plug it here without a hint of shame Smile

No problem Craig. Actually that reminds me, I was wondering who wrote the song 'Stuff' which opens the album. I really like it and I can't seem to find out where it originated.
Craig Johnson

Hi Mick. Guy Clark wrote it as 'Stuff That Works', and it was covered by Rodney Crowell. The first version I heard was by Jon Gordon, a North East musician and my former guitar teacher! Glad you like it.

album plug

Thanks for the extra info Craig. I had no idea that "Stuff" was a Guy Clark song. You should cover his "cape" IMHO any song with the lyric "full of p*ss and vinegar" has got be a good un' Smile
you can see him sing it here

Thanks Craig. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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