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Keith H

Anyone out there played any Lindisfarne tunes on keyboard?

Hi folks,
For years, I've tinkered around on the piano, using the guitar chords that you can download from the Lindisfarne web site. I'm not a great pianist but I can get a passable rendition from some tunes! So, I decided to try and write one or two down properly, and then it REALLY got difficult! I'm having a go at Hey Mr Dreamseller (oops, Meet me on the Corner...), using Anvil Studio to help me as this forces me to actually write what I think I'm playing.... In particular, it exposes some 'orrible liberties that I take with timing!! Has anyone else tried scoring any Lindisfarne tunes, or would be interested in batting this one around a bit with Anvil Studio?

One thing's for sure, doing this really makes me appreciate the skill of the writer, in this case Rod.


Hi Keith

I guess you mean "meet me on the corner"? I don't have the piano part but did have to work out the bass line for a gig recently (I try to play bass). I have the chords for guitar but I guess you already have this? On line I found guitar parts in G but the original was in the key of A. Also never worked with this software so best of luck M8 If anything I have is of use let me know.
Keith H

Hi Waldo,
Thanks for pointing out my silly mistake with the title... I've listened to it on CD countless times, I should know by now!
Anyway, thanks for such a quick response. Like you, I have the chords in G from which I can play a reasonable rendition on the piano. It's interesting adapting the harmonies to the keyboard. Some are fairly easy but others take me ages to work out. Maybe I should just learn guitar!

Melanie did a version of MMOTC that was actually renamed as 'Hey, Mr Dream Seller'. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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