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Kees Kortekaas

Are there any gigs around the Christmas concerts?

I'm coming over to Newcastle for the Christmas concert on the 20th. When I was over there the last time, for the Hull story, there were quite a few small concerts around it. Does anyone know what's happening this time and where I should be going?

Kind Regards,
Kees Kortekaas

Nothing special, I guess. That will be hanging around the pub then.

I think it's fantastic that you're making such a trip for the gig, Kees.  I'm going the night after you, otherwise I would have suggested a pint or two together.

Hope you have a great trip and enjoy the gig.

in the 80s i sat next to a couple who flew over from Canada To see the show.
Nice to see fans coming from far and wide to see the christmas shows Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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