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Bruce Springsteen

I'm off to see Bruce Springsteen next week.  When people ask me what's Alan Hull like I say "like Bruce Springsteen, but he (AH) can sing."
Aaron Kosminsky

Bruce Springsteen

Good line, Nothing But!

I never got what the fuss was with Mr Springsteen, I don't care for him much myself.

Maybe I wasn't Born to Run. Give me Born at the Right Time - any time!

Funny thing is I don't listen to Bruce normally.  If it comes on the radio I'll even turn it off.  I can't get past the gravelly voice and indecipherable lyrics.  But the live performance is brilliant. I liked him more after I found out that "Born in the USA is NOT a nationalistic rant.
Looking forward to playing count the bandanas on the way. Smile
Aaron Kosminsky

I'm afraid that I never even got as far as wondering whether Born in the USA was a nationalistic rant or nor. I never even noticed that the lyrics were indecipherable, as I never felt moved to know what they were.  

I know that people love but I for one am more interested in Bruce Forsyth.

It was terrible.  Poor sound. Loud vibrating bass. A cacophony, or just plain cack.  Couldn't  distinguish the lyrics. Sound didn't match the screen. Bruce Forsyth would have been better.  He finished with "Shout," appropriately.
Aaron Kosminsky

You have my sympathies, Nothingbut.

It's funny how gigs are always absolutely brilliant or else a big disappointment.

I'll bet that all his die-hard fans went totally mental and thought that what they were being subjected to was really great. There's nothing like an inexplicable and unmerited positive / ecstatic reaction to make you feel completely alienated.

I know the feeling. I saw Gordon Lightfoot a couple of weeks ago. Another brilliant singer/songwriter, but sadly age has taken its toll. He got through it without gusto and by trying unsuccessfully for the high notes. It really didn't sound like him at all. To his credit, he didn't fluff anything but the high notes, and even attempted a couple of weak jokes. There wasn't a lot of repartee apart from that, which I thought odd from someone who writes songs about, or inspired by, events. I wasn't the only one who applauded in token fashion, and people behind me didn't return after the interval. But as you say, there were the die-hards who thought he was wonderful whatever. I'm glad they enjoyed it, but I found it very disappointing.
Aaron Kosminsky

Deary me! Like Shakespeare said:

"I wasted time, and now doth time waste me".

I know that, because I saw it on a postage stamp recently.
Keith H

My daughters took me to see E**** J*** (daren't mention him by name) at the local Football stadium 12 years ago. I'd seen him in 1975 at Leeds Uni and that was great, but the Portman Road gig was dreadful. Overloaded speakers producing painfully loud distorted sound (or maybe he is distorted?). Never again.
In total contrast, every Lindisfarne (and related) gig I have been to has been a real pleasure. Last week at Beverley, the sound quality was excellent and the music wasn't bad either!
Aaron Kosminsky

Ah yes, E J - I know who you mean. I never rated him either, so I don't think I would be disappointed in the unlikely event that I ever went to one of his concerts.

You've got to hand to to E**** J*** - he did sign AH and Radiator to R***** Records in the 1970s.  That apart, I loved his music in the 70s and 80s, and saw and heard several live performances at which he seemed to be the business.  Then I saw him on TV do a live solo set at the piano in the late 90s - and also at the Diamond Jubilee gig four years ago.  Well, he wasn't miming...but I'll leave it at that.
Aaron Kosminsky

I'm afraid I didn't like EJ even in the 70s or 80s, apart from the Don't Shoot Me album which had a couple of good singles on it. Then came Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting, a risible attempt to buy into the Boot Boy subculture which was unquestionably the most unfortunate aspect of the early 70s.

I saw him performing a set on TV in 1976 and he looked fat, middle aged, and bald - which you can't hold against him but so did the music. That same week, Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder review was also televised and I remember physically trembling. The contrast between the two performers was remarkable.

Sorry, but although I agree a lot of his later work has been disappointing, I personally think that Elton John produced a string of classic albums in the 70s that have stood the test of time.

I also have a lot of time for Springsteen - sorry to disagree with other expressed sentiments. Wink

Totally agree with Mick above.  A further thought - bearing in mind that Bruce Springsteen has always been happy to appear on stage with other big names as well as cover a wealth of non-original songs in concert, if only Alan Hull had lived longer, I could perfectly well see the two of them performing live together and trading verses on 'Run For Home', 'We Can Swing Together', or any other Lindisfarne song you like to name.
Aaron Kosminsky

Sorry guys, we'll need to differ on this. I'm hardly qualified to offer a serious critique of either of these two internationally acclaimed superstars, I only intend to say that neither of them grabs me. If this was what music was and all that music was, I wouldn't bother to have a CD player.

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