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John Allett

C'Mon Everybody

Just thought I'd pop this on tonight as I had not listened to for a while, listening now it comes through that the guys were having a great time recording, I always thought they got a poor review for this album, even referred to as their artistic nadir. Personally I love it because it's different, can't believe it's now 29 years old. Check out the link below and see what recent listeners think of it today...........
Mr Inbetween

I love the album, but agree that it divided opinion. These are great songs expertly performed. So it isn't what you expect Lindisfarne to sound like; so what? It's certainly what you'd expect rock & roll to sound like.
Aaron Kosminsky

I didn't like it even at the time. I can't recognise any of the voices.
Aaron Kosminsky

Flogging a dead horse

This latest discussion of the C'mon Everybody abomination serves us with an unpleasant reminder that the Lindisfarne Brand was already well past its sell by date 27 years ago. It was a desperate last throw of the dice, at a time when Allan Hull was still with us and the original line-up was - just - intact.

The Rock 'n' Roll standards may have meant something to the band beyond a pitiful attempt at commercial viability but left me bemused. The re-recordings of the 'greatest hits' section of the album made me feel physically ill.

I saw Alan open with La Bamba, just after the Los Lobos version had been at No 1. Alan's version was better.  The audience were bemused but appreciative. He said, "We just released a new album last week.  It's a rock and roll album.  Bastards!"
Aaron Kosminsky

I wish I'd seen that, Nothingbut! Alan always did these things with such panache.

Was the "Bastards" aimed at the audience for their bemusement? How did they take to that?

The "bastards" comment was aimed at the bad luck timing of just releasing an album with La Bamba on when Los Lobos just got to No 1 with the same song.

The audience didn't really understand, me included, but we'd all seen Los Lobos on the telly with the video to help promote the song. Hully just pitched into the next song. It wasn't mentioned again that evening. He was more enthusiastic about the new song, "Broken Doll."

On the LF tour a few months later, the first half was all "Cmon Everybody," on that occasion the audience got disgruntled and started shouting for "some of yer old songs" and basically in the second half Alan had to come out and rescue the evening with a traditional LF show. They dropped "Broken Doll." †I saw it on the list the guy operating lights had, but they didn't perform it, I guess, just stuck to the tried and tested material.

I like Cmon Everybody,but the artwork on the sleeve was disastrous for their image. When I saw it live I was amazed at the musicianship and how everyone seemed to play everything.  There was so much swapping around on stage with people moving to  different instruments and it was difficult to keep track of who was playing what.
Aaron Kosminsky

That's top information, Nothing But! Maybe it all made more sense live but from what you say, it wasn't what the audiences wanted. That sleeve, yes, it was dreadful, but it was an accurate reflection of what the album was about - a despairing appeal to contemporary trends. In they event, they probably alienated far more people from their dwindling fan base than they attracted. In retrospect, yet another failed gamble.

Aaron, the board is certainly here for people to say and discuss what they like (within reason, obviously) on all aspects of the extended Lindisfarne family, but why such (repeated) negativity and vitriol?

Donít get me wrong, Iím saying this as somebody who didnít particularly enjoy ĎCímon Everybodyí, and yes the artwork for that album has to be some of the worst ever produced, but don't you think you're stretching it a little?

The re-recordings of the 'greatest hits' section of the album made me feel physically ill

I mean, I've been physically ill after a 14 hour bender, I've been physically ill after a 3am 'all you can eat breakfast' in the Olympus Bar & Grill, and many years ago I was physically ill after pulling two people from a particularly nasty car wreck, but I can't imagine being physically ill listening to music.
Aaron Kosminsky

Negativity & Creativity

Hi Bob,

I appreciate that a lot of what I say is indeed pretty negative and even extreme but a part of that is down to the fact that I am trying to provoke some kind of reaction. This forum used to be such a lively place but most of us seem to have moved on.

Prepared to the traumas you describe I appreciate that it is hard to imagine feeling physically ill just listening to music and even harder to imagine it listening to Lindisfarne but for me there was something really wrong about those "greatest hits" re-recordings  - especially after how great the originals were!

If I can think of anything positive to say, I will say it - in the meantime, thank you for being there to hear me sounding off! Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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