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City Hall Gig 23rd

Really Enjoyed the show last night, 1st half was ok , But it got a lot better in the 2nd half of the show. every body on their feet singing and clapping along.Good to see Charlie playing guitar as he seems to be having a few breathing problems, Wishing him good luck with his health for the future.   will have to book the 1st night next year as the sellers had sold out of most of the T Shirts and hoodies on the 23rd. 40 years of shows and it is still a good night of music.
Craig Johnson

I thought it was an excellent show. I'm still unconvinced by the purpose of the band in the long run. But that aside, they sounded the tightest I've heard them since they came back. It was brilliant to hear Walk a Crooked Mile (comfortably my favourite song on Statues and Liberties) and Song for a Windmill, and a special mention for Steve Daggett too, who led a mighty performance of Numbers.

The lesser known tracks seemed to be appreciated by the audience much more this year than previously, a testament to the band and their playing. There were one or two empty seats, but based on the crowd's reaction, I don't think they'll have much trouble selling out a couple of nights next year. All I'd ask is bring back Call of the Wild from the 2015 set, and set out whether the band is sticking to Christmas shows and summer festivals, or whether a new album might be on the way...

I would like more of the forgotten songs, from alan and maybe a new Rod song

Gig set and pictures

Great to meet many friends and enjoy the magic of the City Hall Christmas Show. The band were on fine form, starting with a storming ““No Time To Lose” before revisiting another Alan Hull classic “All Fall Down”. This time Alan’s solo album “Pipedream” was visited, not only in the instrumental “STD 0632” (which was played over the sound system as local archive films were shown before both halves), but in a band live debut for “Song For A Windmill” sung by Dave and, later on, “Numbers (Travelling Band)” sung by Steve.

The 80th anniversary of the Jarrow March was commemorated, with appropriate backdrops, by “Marshall Riley’s Army”.    Rod then showcased two of his earliest songs, “Road To Kingdom Come” and “Train In G Major”, before moving forward 30 years for “Coming Good”, a co-write with Dave and Nigel Stonier.  

“Scarecrow Song” was followed by the aforementioned  “Numbers (Travelling Band)” before revisiting  “Walk A Crooked Mile” from “Statues and Liberties”, a number the latter-day Lindisfarne band introduced to audiences in their first performances.    

No Lindisfarne gig would be complete without the timeless “Lady Eleanor” and the first half ended with a rousing “January Song”.

Santa Simma humorously introduced both halves, the second after we were given last-minute gift ideas by a vintage 1970s Woolworths advert!  

Steve opened the second set leading the band in “Alright On The Night”, Rod taking over for “Wake Up Little Sister”. Dave followed with “City Song”, again with appropriate backdrops, handing back to Rod for his own classic bluesy “Don’t Ask Me”.

One of many highlights was the Dave and Ian duo performing “Love Lasts Forever” from their superb “Some Other Time” recordings of Alan Hull late 1960s unearthed gems. This was followed by a regular Christmas Show nugget “Winter Song” and the band returned as Dave followed with “One World” from the “Amigos” album.

It was then time for the classic finale as the audience rose to experience another memorable run through  the classics “We Can Swing Together”, “Fog On The Tyne”, “Meet Me On The Corner”, “Run For Home”, “Devil Of The North” and  “Clear White Light”.

Brilliant as usual – the perfect start to the Christmas holiday.

Selection of photos at:-

Thanks for such a very informative review Derek. Happy new year and hope to catch up sometime in 2017.

Happy New Year!

JohnG wrote:
Thanks for such a very informative review Derek. Happy new year and hope to catch up sometime in 2017.

Cheers John. All the best to you and Pauline for the New Year. See you soon! Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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