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Mr Inbetween

Guest appearance by Marty Craggs

Marty is a guest musician on the latest solo album from fellow Geordie Ben Blance. No saxaphone blowing nor accordian bellowing, but instead, Marty applies himself to the bodhran.

Ben is part of Jukebox Gypsy, of whom words have been typed on these pages previously. This is his third solo venture, though several other Gypsies provide support. Also hitting the skins is Paul Smith, drummer for some of Alan Hull's solo adventures.

The album is largely gentle and reflective, but isn't without variety. Indeed,  Spinning Wheel is quite heavy (and already a favourite of mine). A good listen throughout. Currently available only as a download form Northern Lights Music.

The album title? These Days Will Pass. (Yes, I thought so too). Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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