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Harmonica tab for Meet Me On The Corner

I'm trying to learn the harmonica part to Meet Me On The Corner.
I can figure out the parts where there is not also a vocal but where the harmonica and vocal are played together I'm struggling to pick out what the harmonica notes are.
Does anyone have harmonica tab for this song?

Many thanks

harmonica tab

I know where I can get a copy of the harmonica tab for meet me on the corner. How would I get it to you?
Mr Inbetween

I just busk it.

I've just acquired a new A harmonica, so MMOTC is getting a lot of plays atm!

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harmonica tab

Thanks Bob

I will try that


harmonica tab

All sorted  Very Happy
Keith H

Harmonica part for Meet Me...

There's a midi file on Free Midi, go to
and then select Meet Me on The Corner.
Using a free midi file editor (I generally use Anvil Studio or you can play and view all the parts of the arrangement, which includes Harmonica.
The harmonica part isn't actually the melody (as it's part of the whole arrangement, and it's probably impossible to play this arrangement on a real harmonica!) but it's worth looking at all the instrument parts. I think you will find that the melody is best found in the clarinet part.
I guess you will also have to find the right key as (if I understand this correctly) some harmonicas are limited in the range of notes they can produce. This might sound a bit complicated but I think it will provide what you are looking for.


Harmonica Tab

Not sure if any of our harp players have checked out Keith's midi file but I did listen to it, just to check the bass line as that is more my area of interest and it is certainly not 100% authentic, as Rod played it. Though if you just wanted something loosely "in the style of" Lindisfarne it will get you through the song.

Harmonica type

Mr Inbetween: Can you use any harmonica in the key A? Mine is a Marine Band 1896 but in key C but the sound is not near. Thanks
Mr Inbetween


The first point to make is that I'm not a virtuoso! I make noises using instruments that more talented people would use to make beautiful music.

That said, I can probably answer your question. Marine Band harmonicas are fine for this. But, if you want to play in the key of A, it has to be an A harmonica (without going into playing a D harmonica in "2nd position", which is just making life difficult).

It's possible to play the MMOTC intro/outro and link on a C harmonica (I've just tried), but it won't sound right if you're playing along to the album.

I hope that helps.

A harmonica

Thanks Mr Inbetween for a prompt reply. I will get a A harmonica and see if I can make something that sounds musical, only been learning for a few days. cheers
Mr Inbetween

You're welcome. Good luck with it all.

A C harmonica seems to be the standard for teaching, possibly because most teaching assumes students are aspiring blues players. The C is great for blues in G.

"A" seems to be a more popular key for more folky stuff.

But then, I'm no expert. All too often, the song's finished by the time I've found the right key. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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