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Thought I'd just say hello as I've just joined the forum; live down south in the New Forest and have loved Lindisfarne for many years.

They were actually the first big band I ever saw in probably '71 or '72 (it was before I could drive in '73) in Bournemouth Winter Gardens. They were supported by Capability Brown who played bluesey stuff and I loved them too (hard to find any of their stuff now - I've still got the vinyl I bought straight after seeing them).

I was totally in awe when Lindisfarne came on though and enjoyed it, but I didn't know what was happening when during 'We can swing' a few people got up and danced down the aisles, we all followed and then pranced around for the 15 or 20 minutes harmonica set. Thinking about it still makes the hairs on my neck stand up - what a brilliant introduction to proper live music!! Saw them three times after that and for the first couple had really bruised hands from clapping along, the fourth time I saw them...not so good sadly.

Saw the Lindisfarne Story last year, going again this year...just think wouldn't it be great if Billy and Ray could join the others and do a tour...while we're all still just young enough and able to swing together.

Look forward to hearing about Lindisfarne news on here and hopefully joining in with the chat.

welcome Gary. It is not the most active forum, but the content is usually top quality Smile

Hello Gary,

I went down to the New Forest Folk Festival a few weeks ago. Dave and Ian were performing as the Alan Hull Songbook - were you there? Chances are they'll be back next year.

Funny you should mention Capability Brown. I played Voice only the other day (the album with Alan's "I Am And So Are You"), and having checked them out on t'internet, saw that this is now available on CD. There's some disappointment from reviewers  that there are no sleeve notes and no bonus tracks - wouldn't it have been great if they'd added Wake Up Little Sister as a bonus?

A couple of the references I saw on the web referred to C Brown covering Affinity's "I am and so are you", one referring to it as being an Alan Hull co-write. Disappointing. I'd often wondered why Alan with or without Lindisfarne had never recorded it, but as we're discovering from the Alan Hull Songbook, there's quite a bit that never made it. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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