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hullys fog

I wrote this after a night with Ray and Billy at Keswick, The lindisfarne story.

                Hullys fog

The fog on the Tyne
Has it gone away
Its not been around
For many a day
And Alans last wish
Was to be put to rest
In that famous old river
That he loved the best
His ashes were
Someone heard him say
To be put in the Tyne
On a foggy day
Well we waited and waited
For such a day
The river was willing
But the fog wouldn't play
After hanging around waiting
For what seemed like an age
It was time to take Hully
To his eternal stage
So we drank lots of Guinness
And Newcastle brown
To salute our man
The best son of the town
Then out came the urn
And we sprinkled him in
With a packet of tabs
And a bottle of Gin
Goodbye Hully
Then someone said
We all remained silent
And just bowed our heads
Then all of a sudden
As if the river knew
The fog it rolled in
Bang on que
Well Alans here no more
But no he's not gone
His musical legacy
Will live on and on
And now when the fog
Comes rolling up the Tyne
If you close your eyes
Like I close mine
You may hear him whisper
Those words so fine
Its mine all mine.

words by Alan Mattinson     any comments welcome to

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

hullys fog

thank you waldo


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