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Jacka leaving Lindisfarne

Have you seen the news?

Lindisfarne - Official
2 hours ago
News just in: "It is with regret that we have to announce Ray Jackson's retirement from Lindisfarne. Although his decision has come as a surprise to us, it was always Jacka's intention to hand things over at some point and ensure the great name of Lindisfarne continues to keep the songs and spirit alive well into the future. The band intend to honour all diary commitments through 2015 and will be announcing more details very soon."

Jacka leaving

Wow! that's some breaking news. Thanks for sharing. So who takes his place?

Jacka Retires.

My Facebook inbox was going crazy last night. I love Ray' s voice. I wish him a long and happy retirement.

Well, if no-one from the original line up comes in they are now essentially a tribute band. There's absolutely no chance of Rod or Si doing it and I can't see a band with two drummers, so that rules out Ray L. Nowt wrong with a tribute band, but I think this will spell the end once the diary commitments have been honoured.  Not sure I believe the 'it was always Jacka's intention to hand things over at some point' bit, but that's life.

Mixed feelings about this really.

Despite my advanced years, I never saw Lindisfarne with Jacka as part of it, except for one Xmas show early on when I was there as a young teacher with a school group. That I didn't see them again and get the bug until the final line-up (and even then only by accident) says a lot I guess. I did go on to buy the full catalogue and still play it all regularly. So to me, Jacka's band was already a tribute band .. and though I do feel sorry for those that still feel the need to hear the full City Hall sound, I never wanted to be part of that, and prefer the gentler reminiscences of The Lindisfarne Story and The Alan Hull Songbook ..
Jim Henderson

The "hand things over" comment does leave more questions than answers really (handing over to who exactly?) - and just leads back to the debate of who exactly can go out under the Lindisfarne name.  

The answer, of course, is that nobody owns the name - so in theory, Ray Laidlaw, Rod Clements, Si Cowe or Ray Jackson (as original members) would all be perfectly entitled to form a group of musicians and perform with the name "Lindisfarne" in the billing.  Ray L has publicly stated that this was something he didn't want to do, even though he could have done so in the years after the final split of the post-Alan line-up in 2003.

Realistically, unless we ever see Ray, Rod, Si and Jacka on stage together, people are always going to regard anything else as something of a "tribute band".

At least with The Alan Hull Songbook, The Lindisfarne Story and Rod's solo shows (and the ones with Ian), we all still have plenty of opportunities to hear the music - regardless of whether the remaining members of "Ray Jackson's Lindisfarne" recruit a new front man and continue.

It seems a strange decision for Jacka to quit so soon with everything going so well but I wish him all the best in what he does in the future. I think they should put Lindisfarne as a band to rest now and if the others want to carry on to do so under another name. It would be a waste of all that talent for them not to carry on .
Craig Johnson

Similar to Bill, I got into Lindisfarne via the final-line up. Of course, I'm well aware that's not the original line up and a rather different sound to that of the Nicely Out of Tune/Fog on the Tyne and Dingly Dell albums. But I never had the yearning for a City Hall experience as perhaps (understandably) others have had.

I did, however, really enjoy the two City Hall gigs I went to in 2013 and 2014. I never really thought of them as Lindisfarne, but as a superb outfit of musicians who were becoming a tight-knit band, and it's a shame they won't be out in 2015 as that line up. It was brilliant to hear Jacka's harmonica live for the first time in my life, particularly one of my favourite Lindisfarne songs, Evening.

I struggle to see the current RJ's Lindisfarne line up doing a City Hall gig. They're a band without a frontman now, and as Jim rightly says, a band without an original member.

Like a lot of people have said, I'm perfectly happy enjoying listening to the old catalogue, seeing the music played in its various guises in The Lindisfarne Story, the Alan Hull Songbook, and Rod's gigs, as well as the various open mics and gigs that throw up a Lindisfarne song from time to time. If they carry on, I'll look forward to seeing them, but I'm doubtful.


no more Jackka

Billy Could come back, Ray to take over paul thompson, Stevie Cunningham on bass, Michael and Rachel  and Tom complimenting the band.

I enjoyed seeing Jakkas band, but he did quote "Back Permanantley" on some forum somewhere, But good luck to him

You could look at a tribute band but would never be Lindisfarne, maybe call emselves Lindisfarnetastic or something, but gaurenteed not to sell out at the city hall

well, i loved the 2013 & 2014 shows, but i won't go & see this band without Ray.

however, i will go & see The Lindisfarne Story at the Playhouse & Sage.

Good musicians.

I had the pleasure of seeing Lindisfarne in 1985 for the first time. It was many years after I got to see them again, after Alan died. I've seen Ray with his band The Gathering, Billy solo (and with his son Tom, and Bob Fox) Marty Craggs with The Happy Cats, Rod Clements solo and with Dave & Ian. All excellent musicians, entertainers. Last year I saw The Lindisfarne Story, me and the family thoroughly enjoyed it. My eldest son was working that night, so he wants to come and see the show when we see it again. It doesn't matter to me what the musicians call themselves, everyone I've mentioned are brilliant as part of Lindisfarne or doing their own thing. People said they should have called it a day when Alan died, but I disagree. It wasn't the same, but they were still a great band. There was a radio play on Christmas time, it was in the early hours. A play based in Newcastle. The introduction music was the intro to FOTT. I was half awake, but shot up in bed with goosebumps all over me. I've loved everything that the lads have done. Hopefully this year I'll get to see some gigs if they play close to home for me.

Jacka departing did come  out of the blue, but I have got to say the band were very good, as for tribute band I think not, Dave, Ian Charlie and Steve all played a part in Lindisfarne's history and legacy before this line up so why should it be disregarded.
Dr Feelgood still tour playing around 200 gigs a year, they still record, yet the band contains no original members, they have never been classed as a tribute band and I believe have played more gigs under the Feelgood name than the original line up.
A tribute band usually dress up as respective members, and yes Dave does sound uncannily like Alan, so it's obvious he will sing Alan's songs it's common sense . Whether the band continue or call it a day  I thoroughly enjoyed them. Lets see what happens before dismissing them out of hand, I and others were very dubious when the Lindisfarne Story was first mooted and I am happy to say I was proved wrong. I hope if the band continues they do the same for a lot of people, and good luck Jacka  with whatever you do next

Sad to see Ray go i have been a fan of the band since the start.
a single day never goes by with out me hearing Lindidfarne track . In the car, at home , the gym on my i pod or playing a few songs myself. Great music, Fantastic songs that will go on forever, and a great bunch of lads.
Dave hull Denholme has the lindisfarne sound that we all love a great talent along with others that will keep the fantasic songs of Alan And Rod alive for years to come
i wish Ray all the best, hope he keeps doing his acoustic gigs and his painting.

I had a feeling RJ would call it quits this year as his motive for creating the RJ Lindisfarne for me was always about highlighting the City Hall problem and not really about resurrecting the band.
He did that and more, and I guess the fans want this to go on and on as it truly is a Geordie Christmas Institution.  We rolled back the years and sang along to the songs we love but always in the back of my mind this wasn't really Lindisfarne.  Of course the musicians in the 2013 and 2014 concerts were about as good as it gets and they all knew what it meant to be a part of the Lindisfarne story.
Wouldn't it have been something if the latest band had somehow persuaded Billy, Ray and Rod to appear but there's a story there to be told.

I'm only pleased I can say; 'I was there'. Thanks for all the memories. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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