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As the subject line says... this just in from Rod:

Iíve been very touched by the many positive comments left here and elsewhere following the announcement that I will be rejoining Lindisfarne. Jackaís decision to retire marks the end of an era, but Lindisfarne has never been about any one individual. To everyone who cares about the bandís history and future, I would say that the rich legacy of music, songs and live performances associated with the Lindisfarne name couldn't be in safer hands. This is a highly accomplished bunch of musicians, most of whom I have known for years, bound together by mutual respect and a shared enthusiasm for the best of what Lindisfarne has achieved. This was amply borne out at our first rehearsal earlier this week, and it will be exciting to see how it develops into the future.

Best wishes,


just in from Rod

Thanks Rod for taking the time to post here. It means a lot to me and I wish you and the band, all the best for the future. I am looking forward to hearing how you will collectively take Lindisfarne forward.


nice one Rod, I was beginning to think it was all over looking forward now.

Wow, what an announcement.  They thought it was all over - Well it isn't now.  Having been at both 2013 and 2014 City Hall concerts I just want this to keep on going.  I'm not being greedy its something that gets under your skin and hearing the songs again live is not to be missed. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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