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Lindisfarne at Masham Town Hall: Photographs and Review

I've already posted the pictures below on the Facebook page but thought it worthwhile to repost here for those who don't have access. In addition I've written a short review of the fantastic occasion which you can find at the end.

If you are going to a forthcoming gig and wish to be surprised (and amazed) rather than read details beforehand, please avoid scrolling beneath the pictures!!

Short review of the concert

Another episode in the Lindisfarne adventure began at Masham Town Hall on Sunday, 3rd May 2015. In, 1991 the venue acted as the first Jacka-less outing of the original band. 24 years later, similar circumstances prevailed as Rod took his place on the stage, mandolin in hand, to pick up the baton and give Lindisfarne a new lease of life.

I, and many others, had no reason to doubt the musical credentials of the latest line-up but wondered how the band would gel together without a front man like Jacka or Billy.  It took one number, the quintessential band favourite "No Time To Lose", to demonstrate the potent musical chemistry which would now speak for itself and widen the band's appeal.  

In addition, Rod's excellent solo work culminating in his Lindisfarne song catalogue album "Rendezvous Cafe", has given him new confidence as vocalist and raconteur. He not only shared these talents with Dave very effectively but his prowess on all stringed instruments now extended to the mandolin, including a Jacka-esque performance on "Lady Eleanor".
Rod also took over Jacka's vocals for a highly effective rendition of "Wake Up Little Sister".  

Instead of "Warm Feeling", "Kings Cross Blues" and "Evening" which showcased Jacka's harmonica and vocals at the Christmas shows, we were treated to stunning versions of rocky, bluesy numbers such as Rod's "Dingly Dell" stand out "Don't Ask Me" and the rare early-1980s Hull track "Love In A Cage".  The power with which these were delivered will be extremely effective at festivals.

The success of Dave and Ian honing their performances of the Alan Hull Songbook transferred superbly to the band set with intimate and emotional performances of songs like "One World", "United States of Mind" and "Money Game".  Hearing the opener from "Amigos", I was transported back to March 1996 in South Shields when Dave first performed the number, sounding uncannily like his late father-in-law.   In the new band version of "Passing Ghosts", we were treated to the extra verse left out in its recording for the "Fog On The Tyne" album.  Another welcome extra dimension was added by the promotion of Steve as an extra lead vocalist, leading off "Alright On The Night" and treating the audience to his strong and distinctive solo version of "Country Gentleman's Wife" from "Pipedream".

On guitar and accompanied by Ian, Rod also visited his latter-day Lindisfarne songbook with the sprightly version of "Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong" from "Rendezvous Cafe".

The above were some of many highlights but in fact the whole evening was a highlight of Lindisfarne's career. The band also performed the old favourites we were treated to at the 2013 and 2014 Christmas shows but were now even tighter musically. They effortlessly won over old and new fans in the audience with dynamic versions inviting eager audience participation, perfect for indoor and outdoor performances.

One of the friends I was going with had a bad back and reluctantly had to stay at home. We tried hard to convince her she had not missed anything but it was impossible to hide our euphoria. Having admitted she had missed a treat, we now have to get her along as soon as possible and  will be eagerly awaiting more dates on the new web-site   Thanks are due here to Gary for not only developing the web-site but for all his hard work on the organisation, promotion and merchandising.

The Christmas show magic had certainly been re-created at the City Hall. However, now have a band for all seasons whose combined experience and musical prowess in solo, duo and band work will encourage continuing development which will broaden Lindisfarne's fanbase.

That's a cracker Derek. Thanks - it has whetted the appetite.

Cheers John! Can't wait for the next gig.

Masham review

Derek, thank you so much for the excellent pictures and review of the gig. Who needs (or even remembers) Melody Maker? I was a bit concerned about the lack of a "front man" but you have quashed that fear completely Smile

Cheers Waldo. The gig surpassed all my expectations - still on a high!

great review and photos, quite a few surprises in the set, and all welcome, the variety of full band and acoustic numbers reminded me of the recent 10cc gigs where they did a short acoustic set amongst the full band stuff.
I think a night at a the races is in order

great review and photos, quite a few surprises in the set, and all welcome, the variety of full band and acoustic numbers reminded me of the recent 10cc gigs where they did a short acoustic set amongst the full band stuff.
I think a night at a the races is in order

Great pics and review Derek, thanks for that. And Brian - so enthusiastic you said it twice!

Would love to see the lads, but they are still too far away from my place at the moment - come on boys, visit South Wales.


Great reviews and photos Derek. X Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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