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Lindisfarne bootleg video 1982

Does any body have a copy of the lindisfarne boot leg video on dvd i bought it in the 80s like to whatch it but have no video player
black and yellow case with lindisfarne on the front cover [no pictures]

What's the content.... i.e. what show/tv prog is on it?

It seems there's only one copy floating around,be interesting to see if your VHS copy is better quality than what we have seen so far. Let me know if you'd like it converted.

A couple of years ago it was passed on here,copy and pass it on

and here

Send me a pm if you want a copy  Very Happy

recorded live in 1982 sleepless nights tour newcastle city hall
A mate of mine is going to put it on dvd for me i lost it when i moved house then found it again. So will be good to see the show  again[/url]

just found another video while sorting out a cupboard.
lindisfarne live legends Will get this put on Dvd as well  60mins long
songs court in the act, every thing changes,  anyway the wind blows,   roll on that day,   walk in the sea
lady eleanor,   knackers yard blues,   i want you to be my baby,,  
winning the game,,, meet me on the corner ,  
meet me on the corner reprise,  fog on the tyne,     clear white light.
forgot i even had this one glad i found it

Billy, Live Legends is available on DVD (got mine for less than a fiver)
Only thing is it doesn't have Fog On The Tyne on it.
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