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Keith H

Lindisfarne, Bury St Edmunds

I know that other social media has rather overtaken this forum these days, but since nobody's posted anything about the band's recent tour I thought I'd put that right!
The gig at Bury St Edmunds last Saturday night was a sell out although on the night, there were probably around 20 seats empty, but it's great to see the band can sell out at several venues on a tour. The Apex at Bury is a pleasant modern auditorium and seats about 500. This show had been postponed from October while Rod was recovering. I hadn't rushed to buy our tickets until I heard that it was selling out, and that was around the beginning of February, so I got a move on but had to settle for seats in the 'upper balcony' alongside the stage so we had an unusual view of the band and not quite the same acoustics as in the stalls, but it was still very enjoyable.
I always enjoy hearing a few of the lesser known songs, which we had in the first set. Writing this a week later I'm not going to risk saying what was included (!). Watching the audience reaction, and listening to some comments in the foyer afterwards, some folk seemed a little bemused by the choice of songs and it was easy to see (from up on high) those in the audience who'd been before and were having a good time and those who needed a little more indoctrination!
Musically, I thought everyone was in great form and it's marvelous to hear the old songs being performed live by folk with such a fine pedigree. Thanks lads, another smashin' evening.

Lindisfarne Bury St Edmunds

Thanks for the review Keith; and of course you are right, this forum is not as active as it once was, but I guess we all have very busy lives Sad

Thanks for sharing


Hi Keith, I ventured up north to Bury St Edmunds, and wholly agree that it was pleasing to see a packed theatre. I was in the lower balcony, a little like sitting on a bus (on the front seat at the top?) but it gave a great view of everyone on stage. I thought it was a first rate performance from the band. I think they achieved a good mix of old, unusual, newer and classics. I would happily see one or other of the classis dropped in favour of something less heard, but such talk is heresy. It was the same set list from the City Hall Christmas show, with one omission. I can post details if you would like?

I haven't seen the boys since the 2003 'final tour' so it's good to see that they're still doing the business.

It would be nice to get to see them again, but since they got back together there haven't been any gigs anywhere near where I live in South Wales. Here's hoping they can rectify that soon. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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