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Keith H

Lndisfarne Story Band at Beverley

We went to see Ray and Billy with the Lindisfarne Story Band at Beverley Festival on Saturday night - playing on the Main Stage to a pretty full house, I should think about 1,000 people. They were preceded by The Animals and Friends, and Jez Lowe. We really enjoyed Jez's set and he brought tears of laughter to many with a brilliant song about Facebook Friends... but back to The Lindisfarne Story Band. They took to the stage at 9.45 and Billy told us they'd be doing about a 90 minute set, which took them up to 11.15. It was (of course) a terrific set, featuring the whole of the Fog On The Tyne album, many other old favorites and also Born at the Right Time, from the final years of the band. With a big audience and the festival atmosphere this was a performance to be at. Ray and Billy have put together a truly smashing band and I hope they will continue to perform for many years to come. Were you there?

Here's a video of a couple of tunes... Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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