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Aaron Kosminsky

Make Me Want to Stay

I see we're leaving the European Union. I'm not telling you how I voted, or whether I'm pleased or otherwise, but this much I will say - if Remain had had the good sense to make Alan's Make Me Want to Stay their campaign song, I'll bet that it would have been a different story!
Mr Inbetween

Is that 'Bring Down the Government' I can here echoing in certain quarters? With DC resigning, there's inevitable talk of an autumn general election.
Aaron Kosminsky

Bring Down the Government

Good point Mr Inbetween,

That hadn't crossed my mind.

Back when Dingly Dell 'came out' (which in those days meant something like 'was released' but now means telling all your friends and family that you are gay), it was the Unions' prerogative to bring down the government but now it's referenda, which of course nobody ever thought of (apart from the ancient Romans) until 1975.    

The trouble is, the people have made their decision but nobody knows quite where to go from here. We need the Clear White Light to guide us on but unfortunately we're all lost in the Fog on the Tyne on this one. Meet Me on the Corner and we can maybe talk about our shared plight some more? Or will it all be All Right on the Night? Maybe Uncle Sam can get his head round it better than I can. All I know for now, Together Forever isn't looking like much of an option. Maybe the cause of European unity was just a Pipe Dream from the start. Is the UK now firmly on the Road to Kingdom Come? Were we just Passing Ghosts Driftin' Through the EU? No wonder I'm having Sleepless Nights...

Maybe Mr Cameron can negotiate some more then we'll still be in but ever so Nicely Out of Tune!
Elvis Prestwick

A second referendum?

There has - unfortunately - been talk of a second referendum, so in the interests of fairness, might I propose This Has Got to End as the Leave campaign song?

Then again, I think that quite a few of us will be singing Oh No Not Again.

None of the politicians have got the answer, have they?  They Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong.
Elvis Prestwick

Is it any wonder? They don't know what they're doing, they're only Driftin' Through! Passing Ghosts, the lot of them.

Meanwhile, no takers for Jean-Claude Juncker's version of We Can Swing Together, 'cause we know we're doing it right.
Elvis Prestwick

My point exactly, Alan obviously saw this coming! During the Euro crisis, I bet there were a lot of Greeks singing All Fall Down. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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