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Newcastle gig for Lindisfarne and Rod

here you go, have a look at this:

This is fantastic!!!!
Kees Kortekaas

How about Christmas? Can I book my flight and hotel?

Kees Kortekaas wrote:
How about Christmas? Can I book my flight and hotel?

Keep watching this space.

Interesting development - out of all the ex members, Rod is the one who I'd least have expected to return. Well, here we go again.
Craig Johnson

Rod Clements is one of my favourite songwriters and musicians, and alongside Dave Denholm, Ian Thomson as well as Charlie, Steve and Paul, I can imagine it will be a great line-up where they will all complement each other very well.

But it does sound a bit of a change from what he said a few years ago.

Whether a band calling itself Lindisfarne ever tours again is not for me to say. What I can say is that if it does, I will not be part of it - Lindisfarne is finished as far as I'm concerned. To my mind, the true spirit of the band is best seen & heard on the early records and recorded performances (and sometimes on the later ones too), and is there to be enjoyed for as long as there is something to play them on. It's always gratifying to hear a regular gig-goer and a musician like yourself express their appreciation, and there will always be a small and vocal hardcore of fans hoping for a reunion, but let's face it, the Lindisfarne reunion started in 1976 and lasted over a quarter of a century. My musical inclinations and aspirations remain much the same as when I first started playing, and I like to think that elements of the genuine Lindisfarne spirit are more likely to be found in the old and new music that we (and others) make as individuals than in a reunion cobbled together for sentimental or financial reasons. (So that's a no, sorry!)

Rod's return

Excellent news!
Very Happy

Bit of a turnaround for Rod but welcome nevertheless. Hope we see some gigs down here on the South Coast.

Lindisfarne Mk.V

Looking forward to this. Jacka will be missed, not only vocally but his distinctive mandolin/harmonica and role as a frontman. However, Rod's superb musicianship will add a different dimension. The new band dynamics and set list will be interesting.


why did it have to be the 6th of june. i am in the isle of man that week for the tt. hope to get to see them after that as well as xmas doo.

here in Normandy 6th June = D day Hmmmm - kismet or what??? Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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