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Ode To A Taxman

I believe that I have everything released by Lindisfarne and Alan Hull with one exception - the version of Ode To A Taxman from the b-side of the Malvinas Melody single.
I remember ordering On The Other Side from my local record shop when it first came out but, as good as they  were, they couldn't get hold of a copy of the single.
I have never even heard this version of Taxman - has it been released elsewhere, or are there any mp3s of it knocking around.
And what is the latest on a CD release of On The Other Side?


if I remember correctly,it featured on one of the live Xmas Show records that were given away free to those who attended the shows.

Hope this helps


Ode To A Taxman

You are thinking of the Lindisfarntastic II album - also part of the Caught In The Act CD, but that is a live version.

"And what is the latest on a CD release of On The Other Side?"

I've been pushing for this for some time now.  There's a lot of people who want this release.  I talked with Barry McKay about this around 18 months ago, and I know he made an enquiry but I don't know if Barry got anywhere with it.

The situation isn't straightforward.  The rights were owned by Dave Bulmer of Celtic Music.  There's a lot of argument about his dealings and ethics available on the web... which I'm not going to get involved with (Google is your friend).

Unfortunately, Dave Bulmer died in August 2013. I'm guessing that the rights have passed on to Mrs Bulmer via his estate.

In fact I also discussed this with Dave Hull-Denholm and Ian Thomson about a month ago, but there's nothing to report.  Dave and Ian are passionate about Alan's work and perform it as and when they can as 'The Alan Hull Songbook'.  If you get the chance to see them perform....go!  It's something very special indeed.

Ode To A Taxman

Thanks for your reply Bob.
I have just secured a copy of the Malvinas Melody single from but I would be very interested in a CD of the album release to replace my rather worn out vinyl - the same goes for my Leather Launderette album - but let's not run before we can walk.
I am sure there are many others of similar mind. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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