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Plugging my album utterly shamelessly.

Hiya, my new album which includes a cover of "Whisky Highway" is available now from Boomchang Records, on iTunes and by post - see

You beat me to it; I was going to give you a plug without the shame(lessness) attached.

I have the album, and love your version of Whisky Highway! I've yet to give the rest of it a play - it's next on my list - but couldn't resist dipping in.
Mr Inbetween

Could you explain the album title please, Simma? Is it something that a southerner could be excused for not understanding??
Craig Johnson

Great cover of 'Whisky Highway', and one which is completely different to the original.

The rest of the album is fantastic, and well worth checking out. Produced by Steve Cunningham, no less.
Mr Inbetween

Craig Johnson wrote:
Produced by Steve Cunningham, no less.

That would be Stephen Paul Cunningham actually Smile

I've now played this several times over...a good sign in itself. Apart from the two  covers (which I've enjoyed) emerging favourites are Voodon't (love the trumpet) and Blue Eyed Baby. Good to hear Dan Walsh plucking away too (though not on any of the tracks I've just mentioned!).

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