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Mr Inbetween

Rab Noakes - albums new and old

As my previous message about Jacka has caused so much interest, here's another one to catch your imaginations.

The latest news on Rab's new recording "I'm walkin' here" is that it should be released around October / November time. There's a possibility of a few gigs to promote it, so keep your eyes peeled.

Rab's also looking into releasing three old albums currently available only on vinyl:
Rab Noakes (1972)
Restless (1978)
Rab Noakes (1980)

This is likely to be in the form of a double CD package, with bonuses etc, and may be run as a crowdfunding scheme. He's currently sounding out interest to see if it's feasible, so if you're interested, email Rab at:

Apart from the historic links between Rab and Lindisfarne, you may be interested to know that Rod contributed to the 1980 album.

"As my previous message about Jacka has caused so much interest"   Very Happy

I wouldn't take it to heart Mr I.  These days most people seem to read posts, rather than posting something themselves.

Unfortunately Facebook (shudder) seems to be the preferred choice, and this forum suffers as a result. That's how I read the situation anyway.

Good post re Rab nonetheless.


Heh Bob Lindisfarne chat is far more important than Faceache, sorry book Smile


Facebook - Tool of the Devil!
I'm aware I don't get to post as much as I used to because of work pressures but this forum is always my go to spot re LF.
As an aside I work in the criminal justice system and Facebook is wrecking investigations and court cases not simply because people are trying cases over social media but crucial identification issues are being compromised by pictures being passed around and shown to victims and witnesses.
This is in addition to the fundamental issue of subscribers personal info being collected and traded!
As someone great once said "they've seen your picture and they want to know who you are"
Tool of the Devil!
Rant over!

I like it Smile
Mr Inbetween

Thanks Bob. Yes, I think you're probably right about 'look but don't respond'.

I don't want to get drawn into the faceache debate, but.....that's much more troublesome if you reply to something because you get everyone else's replies to replies.... The message board is much more civilised.

Still, there's room in the world for both.

Have E-mailed Rab's site as would be great to complete my collection on CD. At the moment I have some crackly transfers from the vinyl originals of those 3 LPs!

Enjoyed seeing Rab live with Barbara Dickson at Lancaster last year and also enjoyed the excellent Gerry Rafferty/Rab CD (and Barbara's Gerry covers album). Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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