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Craig Johnson

Ray Jackson's Lindisfarne - 15 December

For those who aren't fans of recording gigs on cameras, look away now...

Somebody has recorded what seems to be the entire concert from the 15th December. Here's the playlist.

Ray Jackson 15th December

Thanks for sharing this Craig, looking forward to seeing and hearing the gig.
Southside Blue

I'm so glad of that...I got there at nine , as I usually do at The Robin ( I live in Brum ) only to catch the end of 'January Song " and Jacka's announcement that they'd be back in twenty minutes.......a bit of a bummer of a night actually, I was hoping to take some nice photos but my camera wouldn't focus properly. The problem was solved for Wednesdays gig there ( Mike Sanchez , or rather, the excellent Mike Sanchez)by wearing my reading glasses !!!!!!
Southside Blue

By the way , in front of the usual mixing console was an extra one , which I assume was a recording rig.....( there was a microphone sticking up which ,again I assume , was to catch audience noise )....there were about 200 in . Bigger crowd than most of the gigs I go to at The Robin( generally Blues related ) but my mate ( who I dragged along ) told me that last weeks Fish gig had double that and Magnum ,again last week , was " rammed" Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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