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Rod CD - What happened?

Whatever happened to the Rod Clements/Ian Thomson CD that was publicised a few months back?  (The one that was supposed to contain most of the songs Rod wrote for Lindisfarne and Jack the Lad).  The original info was that it was due for release before the summer, but obviously that hasn't happened. Anybody have any idea what the state of play is?

Hi Mick.

Rod tells me ..... "After various unforeseen delays, recording is now 99% complete, leaving only mixing, post-production, artwork and manufacturing to be done. The aim now is to go for a well-prepared, properly-promoted release in spring 2014."

How's that for service?   Smile

Fine service indeed.  Thanks for finding out.  As I wasn't able to see Rod and Ian on the tour I'm particularly looking forward to hearing the songs done in this stripped back format.  Thanks again Bob
Chris Groom

Does that suggest a bigger Rod and Ian tour on which to sell said CD...?
Craig Johnson

Great to hear it's on track, and seemingly in for a bigger push. A mini-tour would be grand. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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