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Set List Spoiler 2015 Upclose and Seasonal shows

Look away now if you don't want to know.....ok here goes

1. No Time To Lose  2. All Fall Down  3. Wake Up Little Sister  4. Lady Eleanor  5. Don't Ask Me  6. Marshall Riley's Army  7. United States Of Mind  8. City Song  9. Passing Ghosts  10. Coming Good  11. January Song

Second Set

1. Alright On The Night  2. Alan In the River With Flowers  3. Train In G Major (introduced as Train In e Major)  4. Winter Song  5. Uncle Sam  6. Road To Kingdom Come  7. Jubilee Corner  8. One World  9. We Can Swing Together  10. Fog On The Tyne  11. Meet Me On The Corner  12. Run For Home  13. Call Of The Wild  14. Clear White Light

Setlist from The Stables Milton Keynes.
Sent to me from a fellow Geordie exiled down south.

Just had a champion night out at the Stables.

Wasn't at all sure about Rod taking over as front man, as I'd only ever seen him playing the bass and never talking or singing, but he did a great job.  Tight band throughout and some new songs, cracking.  Of course, not the same atmosphere as City Hall, but at the Stables you're right up close to the band - they were about 20 feet away, so rather different.

If you're going next week, you won't be disappointed.  Rod's playing on Train In G Major was probably the highlight.

Don't Ask Me! Get in!

I don't want to nitpick, but I don't see any new songs on that list. The newest ones are 'Coming Good' from 'Promenade', which came out in 2002 and 'Jubilee Corner' (from 'Here Comes the Neighbourhood') which was released in 1998.

But I'm glad the band are on top form and I would have loved to have been able to see them this year.
Keith H

Wavendon was a really good show. Nice to see Rod playing fiddle again, I haven't seen him do that for many years... a very stylish modern one, too. I wonder what happened to the vintage painted one he used to play? Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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