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Should I buy a mandolin or would I be wasting my time?

I’ve always loved the sound of the mandolin, especially when played by somebody who really knows what they’re doing with the thing.  Billy, Rod, and the legendary Jacka obviously spring to mind here.

More and more I’m getting the urge to go out and buy a mandolin, nothing fancy, just a bog standard cheap mandolin.  May be I could learn a few chords, or put together a few recognisable riffs in the relative privacy of my own home…. without too much of an audience to fall off their chairs laughing at me.  It couldn’t do any harm, and I think it would fit very well resting on top of my ample gut.

How much is a 'cheap' mandolin anyway?

The thing is….have I left it too late?  I have the urge but no musical talent.  

Has life passed me by or can this 53 year old dog learn a new trick?  

A pipedream, perhaps.

I have just read an article about ukelele's being tuned to the same tunings to mandolins and a few people have started this way, especially older starters and progressed this way. there are quite a few things online about this

You'll master the basic chords relatively quickly and you get good depending on how much time you have to practice (age is no object)also there's lots of stuff like this

you can get for abour 50 quid on ebay Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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