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Simon Cowe

I just heard on Facebook that Si Cowe has passed away. Such terrible news - obviously I didn't know him personally, but he seemed to be an unassuming bloke who didn't seem at all interested in fame etc. Probably the most underrated of the band's original line up, but a fantastic guitarist and occasional superb songwriter (Uncle Sam was one of my favourites from Fog on the Tyne)


R.I.P Si

I just picked up a Facebook notification from the 'Lindisfarne Story' that Simon has sadly passed away. Although he seemed to have now stepped away from the band and, as you say, he did not seem interested in the fame it is still so very sad be losing an original member. I hadn't realised his contribution had included writing.

Sad news indeed, RIP Si

So sad to hear of Si's passing , a very good musician and  songwriter, loved his vocals always a little quirky, really enjoyed him in Jack the Lad where he was more to the fore and taking on more lead vocals,
I hope is having a pint of his favourite tipple at the great brewery in the sky.
My sympathies to his family friends and admirers[/u]

Si was integral to those wonderful sweet and sour harmonies that made Lindisfarne well Lindisfarne.


RIP Si - "Uncle Sam" one of my favourite Lindisfarne songs
Aaron Kosminsky

Simon Cowe

I never met him either.

Sadly missed!
Craig Johnson

As is so often the case when a fantastic writer/director/musician (etc) passes away, it provides an incentive to read/watch/listen to their work. 'The News' is getting a good old airing today, in particular 'Dedicated Hound', and of course 'Plankton's Lament' from Dingly Dell.

I remember Si referring to himself as to the 'scrum half' of Lindisfarne. Quite apt given the current tournament.

Here's to plenty more time listening to his music.

The word of mouth has just reached my ear. Desperately sad.
Rob Smith

Simon signed my ticket Ben Zenn at Loughborough University during the Dance Your Life Away tour. RIP Si one of the original fab 5!

Simon Cowe

Sad news - but happy memories of a special talent who added a crucial dimension to the band's performances and came up with a handful of wonderfully unique songs, bringing a variety of different influences into both Lindisfarne and Jack The Lad.

"Stick Together" is one of my favourites.

RIP Simon.


I hardly look in on here these days. Facebook is more active, probably as there's a huge variety of stuff going on there.
I heard the sad news about Si on there yesterday.
I saw him at The Hull Story in 2005. It was wonderful to see him.
After the show, he stood outside with what I assume was his family around him. Jimmy Nail was being interviewed for local tv, Tim Healy was stood by us chatting on his was like being on the set of Auf Weidersehen Pet..surreal....
Lindisfarne have been a huge part of my life, and my hubby's. The band, the fans that have become good friends.
We are deeply saddened to hear of Si's passing, our deepest sympathy to his family. X
Aaron Kosminsky

We are all of us immortal until we die.

Like a number of others, I had a memorial service of my own yesterday, listening to every Simon-related track I could think of.
Aaron Kosminsky

Re: Simon Cowe

Derek wrote:
Sad news - but happy memories of a special talent who added a crucial dimension to the band's performances and came up with a handful of wonderfully unique songs, bringing a variety of different influences into both Lindisfarne and Jack The Lad.

"Stick Together" is one of my favourites.

RIP Simon.

I completely agree with Derek. I know Simon came in for some stick from certain quarters at times but the original Lindisfarne just wouldn't have been the finished article without their lead guitarist. His distinctive contribution to The Hull Story is probably my most enduring positive memory of the night.

It's so hard to find the right words in such circumstances, but here's my attempt....

First of all I'd like to express my sincere condolencies to Simon's family and friends. This is obviously an extremely sad time for them.

As most on this forum will be aware, Simon took part in a Question & Answer session for us several years ago.  If you haven't read it please do so - it's wonderfully entertaining and informing, and just so... 'Si'!  It can be found here....

When I asked Si to take part in the Q&A I was a little nervous as I wasn't sure what his reaction would be.  I needn't have worried - he was very friendly and helpful, and extremely enthusiastic from the start.  He went to great trouble to get his replies exactly as he wanted them. Between us I think we re-wrote the answers about five times before he was totally happy with it.

Since that time we became sort of 'cyber friends' and exchanged emails here and there. Not many people can make a story about repairing a log burner in to something extremely funny, but he had the knack.

As we all know, Si was there from the start. Would it have been the same without him?  Of course not. Si was a big part of those early formative years... and beyond. His contribution throughout his time in Lindisfarne (and let's not forget some wonderful years with Jack The Lad) was distinct and there for all to see.

As has been said previously, Si was unique and a 'one off'.  It was always a joy to hear from him and I shall miss his friendly humour very much.

For the record, my autograph from 1978 was signed 'Isaac Kite' Smile

God bless you Si, rest in peace.


Aaron Kosminsky

Bob's tribute to Simon Cowe

Thank you very much for this Bob,

You obviously took your time to think about your glowing tribute to Simon and in my humble opinion at least, you got it absolutely spot on.

si autograph

si signed my fog on the tyne song book as mi meaning this is me in this photo very funny I ve always thought and this seems like a good time to share

Si Cowe

For those of you who do not buy Uncut magazine, I thought I would let you know that in the December issue a brief obituary was written to Si by journalist Rob Hughes. It was sub titled "Lindisfarne multi-instrumentalist"
and read...
"Much of Lindisfarne's rootsy flavour was provided by multi-instrumentalist Cowe, whose proficiency on guitar, mandolin, banjo and keys added a dash of exotica to their very English brand of prog-folk. Cowe co-founded the band in 1968 as the Downtown Faction, then Brethren, before the arrival of vocalist Alan Hull prompted a final name change. In 1973 he formed Jack the Lad with band mates Rod Clements and Ray Laidlaw, though he returned to Lindisfarne later in the decade, remaining until 1994.

Not up to Bob's standards of writing but respectful all the same. RIP Si Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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