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Several forum members have contacted me to ask what would become of The Gathering/Acoustic Gathering now that Ray Jackson is involved in the Lindisfarne Mk3 project.  To be honest, I had wondered myself.

I decided it was time to act.  An executive decision was made, and our top reporter was sent by private helicopter to ‘Jackson Towers’ in Oxfordshire.

Very sadly it does seem that you will be lucky if you get the chance to see The Gathering playing together in the future.  Lindisfarne Mk3 have gig offers on the table already and the band are planning to tour next year, with a few festivals thrown in the mix too.  This is all in addition to this year’s three sell out Christmas shows at Newcastle City Hall.  Ray describes his current situation as “hectic”.

In addition, when you take in to consideration that Doug Morter lives in Denmark, Ray Jackson lives in Oxfordshire, and Jerry Donahue is based mainly in Los Angeles, you start to realise how difficult it is for The Acoustic Gathering to make things work on a practical level.

Jacka told me…. “The likely hood of us touring again are slim, but we may appear together on one off events”.  

My advice is to keep your eyes open.  If I get any advance notice of Acoustic Gathering gigs I shall of course post the news on the forum.

Doug Morter’s web site says…. “Sad news is Ray Jackson has left the trio to reform a new Lindisfarne, and due to their commitments, we have to say tata to Ray, we haven’t shut the door, but left it a little ajar for some little get-togethers somewhere down the line, but good luck Ray, it's been an absolute pleasure working with you, lets hope we get a chance to do it again in the not too distant!!”

On a personal level ….. I’ve staged two gigs with The Acoustic Gathering myself and helped a little with a third.  I have to say that Jerry Donahue, Doug Morter, and Ray Jackson are three of the friendliest, most easy going, and most talented people it has been my pleasure to meet (not forgetting their wonderful Road Manager, Keith Hammond….lovely chap).  

We had some fantastic nights which I will always remember, it would be extremely sad if we never got to do it all again sometime.

Doug Morter’s jokes have reduced me to tears on more than one occasion, if only they were clean enough to post on this forum……hhhmmmm…. no, I’d better not!

The Acoustic Gathering (plus groupie).
Chris Groom

Thanks Bob - I had wondered what would happen to The Acoustic Gathering. Let's hope they still manage the occasional gig together.
Mr Inbetween

Ray (and Jerry) make(s) a guest appearance on the new album from Doug's revived band, Hunter Muskett. They're doing a few gigs around now, at which the said CD will be on sale. I'm hoping to see them in a couple of week's time. Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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