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The Norwegian The Best Of LP

Hi all,

Being a serious Genesis collector for many years, mainly 7",  I've come across Lindisfarne every know and then and I own the normal albums. Last weekend I picked up a copy of the Norwegian The Best Of.  I just bought it because it has the same sleeve design as the Genesis The Best Of also from Norway and it will look great in my LP frames!

When I checked for some infomation I didn't find much and it seems to be one of the rarer Lindisfarne albums. Is that correct?

I would be very happy for some more information about it, I'm quite sure there are quite a few knowledgeable members of this forum that have some info.


I don't know about rarity, but until recently it was sought-after because it  contains a completely different edit of January Song, complete with an off-the-wall instrumental section. This version is now available on The Charisma Years compilation.

It's pretty rare, I picked up my copy after about 2 years of searching on Norway's QXL auction site, which wasn't easy as I don't speak a word of Norwegian!

I started a discussion about the extended version of January Song, as the copy on The Charisma Years leaves a lot to be desired quality wise.

Some observations:

"Wake Up Little Sister" is not actually on the LP, but instead "Go Back" despite the sleeve and label saying otherwise.

"January Song" is the extended version that is why many people go searching for this album in the first place.

"Lady Eleanor" appears to be the first version of the single (as Wikipedia would say [Citation Needed]), which has the intro shortened, and the same vocals used on the American edition of Nicely Out Of Tune.

finally, "Meet Me On The Corner" is the Demo version that also appears on Finest Hour and The Singles Album - Also, both on Charisma Records.


I'm interested in your Genesis Best Of album, if there are any unique oddities that only appear on that album.

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