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The Proud Ones re-unite for December Newcastle gig

On 12th October, 1994 at the Workington Carnegie Theatre, Cumbria, a group called "Campfire" supported Lindisfarne on the opening night of the UK Tour. For once, I was almost as impressed by this country-rock support band as Lindisfarne themselves and purchased their demo cassette, entitled "Cunningham Proud Denholm". This was perhaps not surprising as "Campfire" was made up largely of current and future Lindisfarne members!

At Workington that night there was Lee Proud on vocals, Steve Cunningham on bass, Dave Denholm on acoustic guitar,  Ray Laidlaw on drums and Stewart Hardy on fiddle (who also played on the 1994 Lindisfarne single “We Can Make It”).

In 1997, Lee Proud and Steve Cunningham released a CD as The Proud Ones (“Over Here, Over There”) which contained five reworked tracks from the demo tape  and seven new songs. Other musicians featured included Stewart Hardy on fiddle, Simon Ferry on drums and Graeme McCulla/Mick Dixon on guitars. Lee Proud is now a renowned choreographer- see

The Proud Ones now have a Facebook page and are re-uniting for a one-off gig at Newcastle Live Theatre on Monday 19th December.

For ticket booking, go to

Tracks on "Cunningham Proud Denholm"

Taking Control
One More Thing
Make It Mine
Fall To Earth
All I Need
Thinking Of A Time
Shelter And Collide
Sweetness Goes On
Love Burst

Tracks on "Over Here, Over There"

Love Burst
If I Could Make You Dream
Patient Heart
Shelter And Collide
Where Does Old Love Go?
Taking Control
Fall To Earth
Are You Happy?
Where's The Justice In Love?
All I Need
How Can You Decide?
Oh My!

Videos on Youtube:-

The Proud Ones

If I Could Make You Dream

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