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Weeley Festival 1971

I've just been reading a book about the Essex Hundreds. It has a short chapter about notable events in Essex history, and one is the 1971 Weeley Festival. It refers to the billing including the pick of the popular musical celebrities of the day, such as Rod Steward [sic], Lindisfarne, T Rex, Edgar Brown, Mungo Jerry, Dave Edmunds and Juicy Lucy.

It's interesting to see Lindisfarne named dispassionately and after all these years as a leading pop celebrity, and juxtaposed with T Rex. Some commentators today may either see them as having no more than a cult following or not worth a mention at all.

Was anybody there? I think I was doing my homework at the time (oh no, it was an August bank holiday, and I never did my homework anyway).

I expect there's someone out there too who's heard of Edgar Brown.

I may be falling into a trap here, but surely it's Edgar Broughton (probably a friend of Rod Steward!!)

I was going to say the same.  Do they mean 'The Edgar Broughton Band' I wonder?

It was indeed Edgar Broughton, here is a link to the festival website:

Hope fully this will give you a bit more info

You might find this interesting as well........"Peculiar driving English Folk Rock "

Their peculiar driving English folk/ rock owes nothing to non-British sources. It has been said they "Come tripping lightly out of a Northumberland mist," and indeed their work derives much of its energy and allusion from England's hard bitten North-East.

What a load of bunkum!

I see Bell n Arc were there too. More grit from the North East Smile Forum Index -> THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD
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